Brennan Properties consults with clients to handle projects that are outside the scope of ordinary management and development. With real estate markets constantly changing and challenging investors in different ways, we offer services that help clients take advantage of whatever the current environment presents.


Our contacts in the industry and our experience help us pave the way for a smooth and successful acquisition of commercial properties. Brennan Properties works with a carefully selected group of property specialists throughout Northern California, and we leverage those relationships to make a complicated process as simple as possible.

Brennan Properties helps its clients by performing due diligence on acquisitions including review of purchase and sale agreements, physical examination of properties, financial analysis of rent rolls and operating expenses, tenant interviews, and review of leases and estoppels. We provide value to our clients by bringing issues to the surface and finding resolutions prior to closing transactions.

Property Tax Appeals

During recessionary periods Brennan Properties assists clients with property tax appeals to adjust their assessed values to fair market value and to recover tax payments from County tax assessors.  These services consist of providing current market data to the County tax assessor and negotiating a reduction in the tax assessment.  These consulting services save our clients significant amounts of money which they then recover or pass through to their tenants through reduced operating expenses. We have a proven track record of success in lowering tax bills at a fraction of the cost of using other third party tax consultants.


Brennan Properties has extensive experience helping its clients sell their office and industrial buildings. Our role generally consists of assisting the client’s broker with preparing their offering memorandum, compiling due diligence materials for review by prospective buyers, joining on property tours and inspections, and coordinating any other aspects of transitioning the property.

Leasing – Brokerage

As a licensed real estate broker Brennan Properties effectively handles leasing assignments for its clients. Working with the main office and industrial brokers in the region we are able to deftly navigate leasing proposals and the document preparation process for our clients. We are particularly effective at renewing existing tenants because of our close relationships with them from day to day management.